open up…

“Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God.”

-Matthew 5:8 NIV

On that note, may I share this with you?

When I mentioned that my life changed

I did not necessarily mean “a 360”

Instead I got a new compass

You see, my old one was quite


Him: “Throw it out, right now”

me: “What’s wrong with this one? It still works fine”

Him: “You said you know Me, so why don’t you trust Me?”

me: “Okay,  okay…”*tosses old compass behind and to the left*

Left empty handed, I was confused

me: “So where’s the new one?”

I didn’t  get an immediate response


New gates opened

And through these gates were

Sun rays

Beaming, ever-so-brightly

Sun rays

Screaming, “Lucy, invite me!”

The Son wanted to enter

to melt away those ice-patches left behind from the winter:





So, slowly

I cracked my door open

And there it was

A golden stream of


effortlessly flowing from the other side

Him: “You see how beautiful?”

All I could do was wonder why it took me so long to invite such


why it took me so long

to let those ice-patches melt

there they were:

“truer” passion



“truer” love

Joy, too, came

“Hi my love, I’m here but it seems as if you do not want me…” He said

“Oh Joy, I do! Come on in!” I cried out

“So then, why crack the door open? Open it up wide, my love, wide!” He cried out back to me

That was when I realized I needed to

give Him my heart

not just a slice

but the whole heart

After all, didn’t He open up entire gates

for me?

The opportunities

The blessings

all of them, are on their way

even some of them, are currently here-

to stay.

May the Lord remove any blind-folds and any ear-plugs

impairing our visual and audible capabilities

May we openly


beaming rays of golden, comforting



© 2016 Lucy Yeboah All Rights Reserved