All Along

Today’s realization

“…because God has said, ‘Never will I leave you; Never will I forsake you’.”

– Hebrews 13:5 NIV

Can I share a realization I had today, with you?

I was once, shy

So I started speaking to myself

Since my early adolescenthood, I could remember being on the toilet having daily debrief sessions

with myself

walking home from the bus stop during bitter-cold winter evenings

taking stressful exams while in class

writing lengthy essays

you name it…

any moment of self-concentration, I spoke

with myself

but recently, something unusual happened

it wasn’t myself speaking this time

although it came from my mouth

this voice, wasn’t my own

this voice, calmed me down

this voice, helped me come to a conclusion

there had been a dilemma I’d been struggling with

apparently, it was all in my head because

when it manifested into words, the reality of it was nothing like I’d expected it

to be–

sorry that was off tangent


this voice…it just

reminded me that no matter what

I’ll still be okay

I’ll still be that burning star shooting across a dark sky

I’ll still be

the woman of purpose, my Father created me to be

All along, who I was talking to was my Father

Strange thing is, I barely speak to my biological father

occasional communication

although he lives with me

Yet, I have always been able speak to my spiritual Father

a daily communication

only because He lives within me

I thought something was really wrong with me

full-blown conversations with


are you serious?

Yes, I mean like

debating, arguing, consulting, complimenting, criticizing…

But all along

There was a life-long friend that I had


One I only spoke to when I was lonely

One I only spoke to when I needed reassurance

that’s not fair,

only giving my Father attention when it was convenient for


But its


my Father reminded me today that, in fact, we are a


To see His glory in my life, I need to never forget Him

because He never forgets me

I need to never ignore Him

because He never ignores me

God is literally the most loyal and faithful parent and companion any living being could ever ask for

After all, He did promise

He will never forsake me…

© 2016 Lucy Yeboah All Rights Reserved




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