As We Wait…

Just a bit of encouragement for the impatient…

“Wait on the Lord: be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart: wait, I, say, on the LORD.”

-Psalms 27: 14

Can I share something with you today?

It will never be easy to sit and wait, sit and wait

when you’ve been asking for months on end

It will never be easy to keep your gaze

forward and up

when everything just seems hard to comprehend

But it is key to always remember

as we wait, Heart is

trialled, yet is


she complains and cries, yet is


she gets frustrated and fusses, yet is


she forgets that He has her in His hands, yet still is


Heart takes for granted what she’s made of

which is why she doubts she can bear these hard times

Love, goodness, compassion


but she forgot…

Now if He created her–


He put in her

love, goodness, compassion


Therefore, she must never neglect the beauty in such

love, goodness, compassion

as this eventually yields


Yet, she must wait

and wait

and wait…

For the Eternal blessing happens when

the soul she belongs to

makes it through that Golden Gate

© 2016 Lucy Yeboah All Rights Reserved