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In this mentorship program, I will be sharing all the wisdom and knowledge I’ve learned after 10+ years of being a makeup artist. You will have the opportunity to ask all the questions that you need, to help improve your makeup skills and expand your artistry business. From matters of techniques, to gaining clients, to how to build a kit, to which brands to invest in, to boosting confidence and self esteem, you will grow in your skillset as a makeup artist. I will help you become more prepared, more professional, and more unique at your craft.

The awesome part of this program is you’ll have access to me for all your needs and concerns and I will do my best to point you in the right direction when it comes to maturing as a makeup artist! Anyone who becomes great, must first be taught and invest in pure knowledge. There are mistakes I have made that you should not have to, and I will be sharing these too. I am here to guide you on a path of success in your artistry journey. Committing to being mentored guarantees that you will grow! Bring all your questions and concerns, as I’m ready to share all the gems I’ve gathered over the years.